Our values covers a broad range of personal attributes and characteristics of our organization.

With our dedication of  providing excellent service and selection to our loyal customers & clients,  coupled  with the spirit of professionalism and strong work ethics to our employees, MERCH is guided with the principles of:

EXCELLENCE   (MERCH is committed for incremental improvement and we are motivated to be customer-driven.) We strive to be friendly, courteous as well as fair and compassionate in all our dealings. We promote to our employees to avoid forbidden conducts such as bribery, harassment and conflicts of interest.

RESPECT (Respect of  self and others regardless of culture, position and background.) We abide the ethical values of respecting individual differences and sustaining the environment of charity works.

TEAMWORK (One team - One Spirit, One Goal-One Mission.)  We set the high standard of work regardless of position and salary background. We protect and conserve company's resources.