MERCH was established in 1978 in Doha - Qatar with its line of business in the exclusive agency presentation, distribution and marketing of  perfumeries, cosmetics, skin care, fast moving consumer goods, fashion and retail development.

For the last 35 years of business, MERCH expertise in distribution paved the way to earn the reputation of being one of the leading distributors of luxurious brands.  It is the result of  our dedicated service to our valued customers by providing them sophisticated and quality products worth for their luxurious lifestyle.

MERCH is organized in the folllowing divisions:

• MERCH BEAUTY (Distribution & Marketing) • MERCH COLLECTIONS (Retail) • MERCH FMCG(Distribution & Marketing of Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and • MERCH In-House IT System Solutions

Our Mission

With our dedicated service and customer driven approach, MERCH is committed on improvement and customer service to ensure dominance in Qatar Market.

MERCH is also committed to brand building and development.

Our Vision

Our aspiration for the future are:

1. To improve the company's ability to recruit, retain, and develop good talent.

2. To be a top specialist within 5 years of the company's current Divisions (MERCH Beauty Brand Distribution,    MERCH FMCG Products  Distribution, MERCH Retail Store Collection & IT In-House System Solutions and     Development)

Our Values

Our values covers a broad range of personal attributes and characteristics of our organization.